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Plant Tomatoes With The Trench Method

If we only needed one reason to garden a fresh summer tomato would probably fit the bill. I’m not going to belabor this point, but the hard red orbs that line our produce aisles are not tomatoes, not even close. Those buggers have had the tomato cross-bred right out of them in favor of storage life, ease of shipping and ease of harvest all at the expense of [...]

Winter Walks In The New River Gorge

You're going to say it eventually. "The Off Season". If you live in the New River Gorge region, or stay here long enough, you'll start speaking in seasons. Tourist Season... rafting season.... Gauley season... buck season... But my favorite? Yep. The notorious off season. Winter in the New River Gorge is amazing, and quiet.

Want Spinach All Summer? Grow Chard.

Maybe it’s just me, but growing spinach is no joke.I’ve had trouble getting it to germinate and trouble getting it to thrive. This year I had some success with a few plants I grew from seed last fall. It survived the mild winter and leafed out aggressively this spring. I harvested a two-bowl salad and cherished this leafy treat . Meanwhile in the garden m[...]