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Homesteading Before It Was Cool | Visit Trump-Lilly Farmstead

Tania and I craned our necks over the dashboard of my pickup that I'd pulled over on the shoulder of a 2 way, 1 car width gravel road, and tried to figure out if we were on a driveway, a county road... or a dry creek bed. It was the start of a fairly typical Sunday adventure in the New River Gorge region of Southern West Virginia. We were on the trail of the[...]

Winter Walks In The New River Gorge

You're going to say it eventually. "The Off Season". If you live in the New River Gorge region, or stay here long enough, you'll start speaking in seasons. Tourist Season... rafting season.... Gauley season... buck season... But my favorite? Yep. The notorious off season. Winter in the New River Gorge is amazing, and quiet.