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Summer At Stout Grove | Homestead Visit

I have a confession to make. My name is Haynes, and I am homestead groupie. It's true. I attended the Mother Earth News conference. And I bought the t-shirt. I carry on late night strategic planning sessions about how many acres of wood lot would be needed to provide a sustainable source of fuel for wood heating a home year round..... and... I own a 1/[...]

Want Spinach All Summer? Grow Chard.

Maybe it’s just me, but growing spinach is no joke.I’ve had trouble getting it to germinate and trouble getting it to thrive. This year I had some success with a few plants I grew from seed last fall. It survived the mild winter and leafed out aggressively this spring. I harvested a two-bowl salad and cherished this leafy treat . Meanwhile in the garden m[...]